Where and when were you born ?

I was born in Atlantic City New Jersey in 1991, making me 25 years young. I grew up in Virginia and have currently been living in Philadelphia for 8 years.

Do you want to share anything in particular with your pictures?

Framed in the right context and light , one can begin to understand my love for nostalgic, cinematic, and moody scenes. With 35mm & 120mm films I'm able to capture moments age appropriate to the cameras I use which gives me a unique approach to photo taking. Classic cars, street scenes, abandoned buildings, and underground subway systems are just some of the things I find myself drawn to.

Where do you prefer to spend the afternoon?

I live downtown so I tend to get drawn into center city. There is always something new to see, explore and experience. Nothing replicates the vibe the city gives off and that really fuels my creativity. 

What do you look for in a photograph?

I appreciate imagery that is more than just face value, something that allows the viewer to think for themselves and create their own story . A successful photo (to me) has many stories to tell, this will vary depending on the personal connection the viewer has with it.  I want a photo to make me ask questions.